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Mercari vs. Listia

Okay so it’s pretty obvious why people would like Listia more. For one: everything on there is free, 2: Everything on there is free and 3: do I need to say any more? The only downside of this popular app is that they are the result of inflation which means that the credits (“Listia money”) have skyrocketed…..downwards in terms of worth. Lets stop for a moment and look at Mercari. Unlike Listia, Mercari requires real money but it is also a place to sell….like an online garage sale, except way better! I think the best thing about Mercari is it’s sleek, user-friendly design. You can easily list several items in a matter of minutes. Now, back to Listia. You can also list old, unwanted items on Listia but instead of money you get “credits.”These credits can then be used to purchase or bid on other auctions (btw it’s an auction format 😉 ) If you’d rather have money you can always use Listia’s newest feature where you can sell your credits…..for money! Make sure you look up the details first though because you don’t want to botch your account. Both of these apps are great money-savers on the side…..or you could devote your time 24/7 to selling and making money from home (I know plenty of people on both of these sites do that!) Either way, it’s worth a try…right?! In fact I have a little something for you just for reading this far! If you sign up with my codes you get a little bonus upon registration. Take a look below for the codes! Both apps can be found on google play or app store!! Let me know how it went!

Mercari: Use this unique code: BAAFYQ to get $2 in store credit!!

Listia: Use this unique code: DLKSMM to get 1,000 credits just for registering!

Invite codes to become a verified Influencer on Dealspotter!

Hey guys! So I know I’ve been talking a lot about Dealspotter lately (I can’t help it 😉 ) but I wanted to share with you guys a little more. So if you’ve joined the site recently, you’ve probably been noticing stuff about ‘becoming an Influencer.” So here’s what it’s all about. Influencer “codes” are given out by other influencers (like me! 🙂 ) This enables the person to become an influencer and potentially earn a whole lot more points! If any of ya’ll ( 😉 ) are just dying to be an influencer, look no further! I have plenty of codes, so just message me/comment on this post and I will give you one! Becoming an inlfluencer (and validating your site) can double your daily points and help you earn up to 15000 points instantly! So give it a go, and don’t forget to tell me how it went! 🙂


Hey guys! I know the last post was very hasty…didn’t have much time. So I’m here to explain a little more on Dealspotr. Dealspotr is a place where people can share deals to their fellow peers that love saving money! Who doesn’t right?! The cool part about this site though, is that for every (valid!) deal you post, you get points. The more real deals you post, the higher your “accuracy score” goes which determines the amount of extra points you would get. I have tried many point/reward sites (i.e Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, MyPoints) but, I have never found any that have quick payouts. Dealspotr is not only quick to accumulate points but, also is a great way to find deals on almost any store you can think of! Plus its user friendly website makes it super fun (and kind of addicting 😉 ) to post deals! After you reach 10,000 (which seems like a big number but, it’s really not that hard 😉 ) points, you can cash it in for a free $10 Amazon giftcard! It seems way to easy to be true but trust me….I’ve done it! Since I’ve started Dealspotr(a couple months ago) I’ve already earned around $30 in free Amazon credit, and guess what?? I did it all without any surveys, polls, ads or spending 24/7 on it! The best part is, that if you use my referral code EMILETWD, you get 5000 points, so you’re already half way to getting your first ever FREE giftcard! Don’t believe me? Try for yourself! Tell me in the comments how it went for you!

Dealspotr Review

I have tried Dealspotr recently and have found it 100% accurate! It really does give you $10 Amazon giftcards just for posting great deals for your fellow dealspotters! Even better, if you sign up with my code you get 5000 points, meaning your already half way to getting your first giftcard! How about that! Tell me how it goes for you!

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